Business Law

Lassar & Cowhey LLP serves as general counsel to entrepreneurs and closely held family businesses. We are not only experts in business law, but are also experienced in implementing creative and practical solutions to navigate a range of transactions. Our firm is experienced in a number of disciplines, including in-depth experience in succession planning, tax and real estate. This diversity of practice strength supplements our business expertise in the formation process and counsel to our commercial clients.

Entity Formation

Our Attorneys are experts in counseling businesses of all sizes with their formation needs. We advise our clients on the selection of entity type, by analyzing the transcation, and determining which structure best suits their needs. From forming the entity to drafting its governing agreement (e.g. operating, shareholder, joint venture or partnership agreements), our Attorneys will assist you throughout the process. Our goal is to ensure that the entity formed memorializes the understanding of how our clients' businesses will operate. We are able to counsel our clients on items such as confidentiality agreements, restrictive covenants, or any technique which will ensure our clients' new business will be able to grow in an orderly fashion from its inception.

Governing the Entity

The Attorneys at Lassar & Cowhey LLP are experienced in tax, succession planning and real estate. Therefore, as your business grows, we counsel our clients on the myriad of issues that may arise. From employment agreements, consulting agreements, merger and acquisitions by the owners, or even selling the business, our Attorneys are available to assist and counsel you. As cross-disciplined Attorneys, we approach each transaction from more than one perspective.

Liability is always a concern when operating a business. Therefore, it is imperative to not only form a business properly to minimize or extinguish individual liability or the liability of the parent company, but proper maintenance of the corporate books including keeping up-to-date corporate books and procedures ensures liability will be minimized or extinguished. We advise our clients on how to maintain their corporate books and procedures so that our clients are able to operate with the peace of mind that their business is operating properly.

Business Buy/Sell Transactions

The Attorneys of Lassar & Cowhey LLP regularly represent clients in the buying and selling of businesses. We have successfully represented clients in mergers and acquisitions, in scenarios ranging from small transactions to multi-million dollar deals. Moreover, Lassar & Cowhey LLP's clients have benefited from the firm's links with leading experts in financing transactions of all varieties.